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What Is Yoga?

Kripalu is a form of hatha yoga that gently deals with meditation, physical healing and transformation of spirit that runs over our everyday life as well as their importance. This form of yoga was generally based on the practice and ideas of a world-renowned yoga expert, Swami Kripalu and can be best described as the reciprocity or your physical body, mind and energy.

Here are some of the health benefits that Kripalu yoga has to offer.

For Your Body

For Your Mind

For Your Spirit

Stage 1

The first Kripalu yoga stage is called “willful practice.” During this stage, you practice breathing, alignment of your body and paying attention to your mind and body. You do not stay in a pose for a long period of time while practicing this first stage. The benefits of this stage are mainly physical, as the poses relieve stress and tension in your body and increase strength and flexibility.

Stage 2

The second stage is known as “willful surrender.” This stage takes you further into your practice as you hold the postures for a longer period of time than in the first stage and you comfortably push your body to do as much as it can. During this stage, you learn to control your mind and emotions better. This second stage involves more internal than external benefits, as you go further into meditation and learn to expose and heal emotional and mental problems.

Stage 3

The final stage is called “meditation in motion” by the Kripalu method of yoga. This stage involves allowing your body to pose the correct way without thinking too much. Instead of mentally focusing deeply on the postures as in the first and second stages, this stage encourages you to let go of that focus and allow your body to remember the poses on its own. This stage lets go of the body, allowing your mind to go deeper into a state of meditation.

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